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Most detailed pictures of Earth ever seen

These spectacular images are the most detailed true colour pictures of the Earth that we have ever seen.

The clear images, released by NASA, were pieced together from observations taken from a satellite of the land surface, oceans, sea ice and clouds.

Using a collection of these satellite-based observations, NASA scientists have stitched together months of observations of the earth’s surface and combined them to create a colourful mosaic of our living planet.

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Spectacular: Most detailed image of Earth to date

top 10 concept cell phone

I have compiled a list of Top Ten concept phones that might or might not meet realism.

10. Bracelet Phone with Built-in MP3 Player


When this Bracelet phone receives any message, it starts vibrating and making or receiving a phone call is just too easy. To read the message, take the bracelet out of your wrist and press the diamond-like keystroke.


Whoa, it’s not just another run-of-the-mill concept. Instead, the bracelet phone comes with a built-in MP3 player. With this phone on your wrist, you are definitely going to rock the party and make others green-eyed.

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