Miaow shoes, let your catty side overtake!

Where cats (especially the black ones) are usually considered as bad omens in Indian culture, they are actually a good sign as per other cultures. For those who are superstitious, keep away from cats anyhow but those like me, love them and actually adore kitties. Where there is a whole range of HelloKitty stuff that most of us simply buy because of the cuteness factor, I have just pounced (let’s use some catty language) upon a charming and not-so charming shoes which feature a cat.

It may be my evil side or something else but the black kitty with red hellish eyes appeals to me. The whole boot is black and suede and print leather has been amalgamated to produce that evil effect. If you look carefully, with your kitty eyes, you’ll see that the suede has been used in a very beautiful pattern ad you have that dark effect. The shoes are available for a good US$170 and believe me, that’s nothing for these daring pair of shoes. Meow…worth having!



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