Bizare shoes from marc jacobs

i see this is interesting shoes from marc jacobs..

Did Marc Jacobs, the designer forget human anatomy while giving concrete shape to these atrociously heeled shoes, or even worse, is he out to play some kind of a practical joke on us? Now don’t tell me that fixing the heel at the front is the ‘in-thing’…because I certainly won’t buy that!

Shoe designers have been experimenting with their products like crazy, playing with the heels more often. We’ve had fancy shaped ones as platform, clogs, kitten, wedges, block, and conical stilettos.

However, friends, we had heels at least, and it didn’t matter much if we had to fix regular appointments with the orthopedician, all for the sake of fashion! But, Marc Jacobs shoe defies reason and strangely places the heel just under the ball of the foot.

Not a tiny block, but a good, four-inch heel rests coolly in the most unexpected place. The point that God created to rest our feet on stays hanging in the air, keeping us on our toes.

need not explain how you would feel once these shoes are a part of your accessory. Imagine what will happen when you forget what’s on your feet, and decide to lean back on your heels, you’ll end up falling backwards ladies!

If you still find the pair funky, then here’s the price for you, $546 for a plain pair and $666 for an elaborate one, decorated with metal swirls and Swarovski crystals. If you ask me, I’d suggest you to don some headgear before stepping out with your feet in them.

The shoes are part of the American designer’s 2008 collection, described by him as ‘the emperor’s new clothes’. Did he talk about ‘overturning conventional fashion’? He has to be kidding! These are the most ridiculous, torturous, and precarious pair of shoes for any woman, no matter how little she needs to walk!



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